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PlacesPostal code
Blenheim N0P
Bothwell N0P
Cedar Springs N0P
Charing Cross N0P
Chatham N7L, N7M
Coatsworth Station N0P
Croton N0P
Dover Centre N0P
Dresden N0P
Duart N0L
Erieau N0P
Grande Pointe N0P
Highgate N0P
Kent Bridge N0P
Merlin N0P
Morpeth N0P
Muirkirk N0L
North Buxton N0P
Pain Court N0P
Ridgetown N0P
Thamesville N0P
Tilbury N0P
Troy L0R
Tupperville N0P
Wallaceburg N8A
Wheatley N0P

Business & administrativePostal code
BlenheimPO BoxN0P 1A0
BothwellPO BoxN0P 1C0
Charing CrossPO Boxes 1 - 180N0P 1G0
ChathamPO BoxN7L 0B1, N7L 0C5, N7L 0C6, N7M 0A8, N7M 0B1 (..), N7M 0B2, N7M 0B4, N7M 0B9, N7M 0C3, N7M 0C4, N7M 0C5, N7M 0E2, N7M 0E3, N7M 0E4, N7M 0E5, N7M 0J9, N7M 0K1, N7M 0K6, N7M 0K8, N7M 0R5, N7M 5J9, N7M 5K2, N7M 5K3, N7M 5K4, N7M 5K5, N7M 5K6, N7M 5K8, N7M 5L1, N7M 5L5, N7M 5L7, N7M 5L8, N7M 5M1, N7M 5M7, N7M 5R9, N7M 5W4, N7M 5W8, N7M 6B2, N7M 6C7, N7M 6H6, N7M 6L7
ChathamPO Boxes 1 - 69, 71 - 120N7M 5K1
ChathamPO Boxes 20001 - 20030, 20031 ...N7L 5K6
ChathamPO Boxes 2002 - 2004, 2008 - 2...N7M 5L9
ChathamPO Boxes 871 - 969, 971 - 989N7M 5L3
ChathamPO Boxes 990 - 999, 1001 - 113...N7M 5L6
Dover CentrePO BoxN0P 1L0
DresdenPO Boxes 1 - 1229N0P 1M0
HighgatePO Boxes 1 - 205N0P 1T0
MerlinPO Boxes 1 - 360N0P 1W0
MuirkirkPO BoxN0L 1X0
Pain CourtPO Boxes 1 - 150, 151 - 243N0P 1Z0
Port AlmaPO Boxes 1 - 9N0P 2A0
RidgetownPO Boxes 1 - 1770N0P 2C0
ThamesvillePO Boxes 1 - 659N0P 2K0
TilburyPO Boxes 1 - 2250, 2500 - 2501N0P 2L0
TroyPO BoxL0R 2B0
WallaceburgPO BoxN8A 0A2, N8A 0A3, N8A 0A5, N8A 0A6, N8A 0A7 (..), N8A 0A8, N8A 0B2, N8A 0B4, N8A 4L4, N8A 4L5, N8A 4L6, N8A 4X1, N8A 5E5, N8A 8A1, N8A 8A2, N8A 8A3, N8A 8A4, N8A 8A5, N8A 8A6, N8A 8A7, N8A 8A8, N8A 8A9, N8A 8B1, N8A 8B2, N8A 8B3, N8A 8B4, N8A 8B5, N8A 8B6, N8A 8B7, N8A 8B8, N8A 8B9, N8A 8C1, N8A 8C2, N8A 9A1, N8A 9A2, N8A 9A3, N8A 9A4, N8A 9A5, N8A 9A6, N8A 9A7, N8A 9A8, N8A 9A9, N8A 9B1, N8A 9B2, N8A 9B3, N8A 9B4, N8A 9B5, N8A 9B6, N8A 9B7, N8A 9B8, N8A 9B9, N8A 9C1, N8A 9C2, N8A 9C3, N8A 9C4, N8A 9C5, N8A 9C6, N8A 9C7, N8A 9C8, N8A 9C9, N8A 9E1, N8A 9E2, N8A 9E3, N8A 9E4, N8A 9E5, N8A 9E6, N8A 9E7, N8A 9E8, N8A 9E9, N8A 9G1, N8A 9G2, N8A 9G3, N8A 9G4, N8A 9G5, N8A 9G6, N8A 9G7, N8A 9G8, N8A 9G9, N8A 9H1, N8A 9H2, N8A 9H3, N8A 9H4, N8A 9H5, N8A 9H6, N8A 9H7, N8A 9H8, N8A 9H9, N8A 9J1, N8A 9J2, N8A 9J3, N8A 9J4, N8A 9J5, N8A 9J6, N8A 9J7, N8A 9J8, N8A 9J9, N8A 9K1, N8A 9K2, N8A 9K3, N8A 9K4, N8A 9K5, N8A 9K6, N8A 9K7, N8A 9K8, N8A 9K9, N8A 9L1, N8A 9L2, N8A 9L3, N8A 9L4, N8A 9L5, N8A 9L6, N8A 9L7, N8A 9L9, N8A 9M1, N8A 9M2, N8A 9M3, N8A 9M4, N8A 9M5, N8A 9M6, N8A 9M7, N8A 9M8, N8A 9M9, N8A 9N1, N8A 9N2, N8A 9N3, N8A 9N4, N8A 9N5, N8A 9N6, N8A 9N7, N8A 9N8, N8A 9N9, N8A 9P1, N8A 9P2, N8A 9P3, N8A 9P4, N8A 9P5, N8A 9P6, N8A 9P7, N8A 9P8, N8A 9P9, N8A 9R1, N8A 9R2, N8A 9R3, N8A 9R4, N8A 9R5, N8A 9R6, N8A 9R7, N8A 9R8, N8A 9R9, N8A 9S1, N8A 9S2, N8A 9S3, N8A 9S4, N8A 9S5, N8A 9S6, N8A 9S7, N8A 9S8, N8A 9S9, N8A 9T1, N8A 9T2, N8A 9T3, N8A 9T4, N8A 9T5, N8A 9T6, N8A 9T7, N8A 9T8, N8A 9T9, N8A 9V1, N8A 9V2, N8A 9V3, N8A 9V4, N8A 9V5, N8A 9V6, N8A 9V7, N8A 9V8, N8A 9V9, N8A 9W1, N8A 9W2, N8A 9W3, N8A 9W4, N8A 9W5, N8A 9W6, N8A 9W7, N8A 9W8, N8A 9W9, N8A 9X1, N8A 9X2, N8A 9X3, N8A 9X4, N8A 9X5, N8A 9X6, N8A 9X7
WallaceburgPO Boxes 22001 - 22030, 22031 ...N8A 5G4
WheatleyPO Boxes 1 - 1140N0P 2P0


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The language code used in our dataset is "EF" i.e. English/French. The names of cities located in the english speaking regions are written in english. The names of cities located in the french speaking regions are written in french. These names are the official names in Canada.

Administrative levels:

Census divisions81
Regional districts29
Unitary Authorities9
Regional municipalities8
Régions administratives17
Municipalités régionales de comté102

Dataset content:

Administrative regions327
Places / Postcodes854 736
StreetsStreet+1 351 368
Business & admin.20 007

Codes reference:

ISO 3166-1-2
NGA Geopolitical codes
Hierarchical codes

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Last update:

Rev. CA / 12-07-2017
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