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PlacesPostal code
Ashton K0A
Burritts Rapids K0G
Carlsbad Springs K0A
Carp K0A
Cumberland K4B, K4C
Dunrobin K0A
Edwards K0A
Fitzroy Harbour K0A
Gloucester K1A, K1B, K1G, K1J, K1T (..), K1V, K1W, K1X
Greely K4P
Kanata K2K, K2L, K2M, K2S, K2T (..), K2V, K2W
Kars K0A
Kenmore K0A
Kinburn K0A
Manotick K4M
Metcalfe K0A
Munster K0A
Navan K4B
Nepean K1A, K1T, K2B, K2C, K2E (..), K2G, K2H, K2J, K2K, K2L, K2R
North Gower K0A
Orléans K1A, K1E, K1W, K4A
Osgoode K0A
Ottawa K1A, K1B, K1G, K1H, K1J (..), K1K, K1L, K1M, K1N, K1P, K1R, K1S, K1T, K1V, K1Y, K1Z, K2A, K2B, K2C, K2E, K2G, K2H, K2J, K2P
Ramsayville K0A
Rockcliffe K1K, K1L, K1M
Saint-Pascal-Baylon K0A
Sarsfield K0A
Stittsville K2S, K2V
Vanier K1A, K1K, K1L
Vars K0A
Vernon K0A
Woodlawn K0A

Business & administrativePostal code
AshtonPO Boxes 1 - 90K0A 1B0
Burritts RapidsPO Boxes 1 - 136K0G 1B0
Carlsbad SpringsPO Boxes 1 - 330K0A 1K0
CarpPO Boxes 1 - 540K0A 1L0
CumberlandPO BoxK4C 0A7, K4C 1E5, K4C 1E6, K4C 1E7, K4C 1E8
DunrobinPO Boxes 91 - 370K0A 1T0
EdwardsPO BoxK0A 1V0
Fitzroy HarbourPO Boxes 1 - 210K0A 1X0
GloucesterPO BoxK1B 0A8, K1J 0B8, K1J 9L9, K1J 9M7, K1V 2N9 (..), K1V 2P9
GloucesterPO Boxes 47001 - 47060, 47061 ...K1B 5P9
GreelyPO BoxK4P 0E5, K4P 1N4, K4P 1N5, K4P 1N6, K4P 1N8
KanataPO BoxK2K 0E2, K2K 0G6, K2K 0J1, K2K 2B2, K2K 2E6 (..), K2K 2P4, K2K 3C5, K2M 0K5, K2M 0K6, K2M 2C3, K2M 2Y1, K2T 0A3, K2T 0J9, K2W 0E1, K2W 0E5
KarsPO Boxes 1 - 300K0A 2E0
KenmorePO Boxes 1 - 89, 90 - 210K0A 2G0
KinburnPO Boxes 1 - 214K0A 2H0
ManotickPO BoxK4M 0G6, K4M 1A1, K4M 1A2, K4M 1A3, K4M 1A4 (..), K4M 1A5, K4M 1A6, K4M 1A7, K4M 1A8, K4M 1A9, K4M 1B1, K4M 1L4
MetcalfePO Boxes 1 - 600K0A 2P0
NavanPO BoxK4B 0A6, K4B 1J2, K4B 1J3, K4B 1J4, K4B 1J5
NepeanPO BoxK2B 0A3, K2B 0A5, K2B 8S8, K2C 3G3, K2C 3G6 (..), K2C 3G9, K2C 3H5, K2C 3J1, K2C 3K8, K2C 3M1, K2C 3M4, K2C 3P6, K2C 3S7, K2C 3S8, K2C 3S9, K2C 3X7, K2C 3X9, K2C 3Y9, K2C 3Z2, K2C 4E8, K2C 4E9, K2E 0C2, K2E 1B1, K2G 3M6, K2G 4S2, K2G 5Y3, K2H 0B1, K2H 0B2, K2H 0B3, K2H 0B4, K2H 1A3, K2H 1G1, K2H 7T7, K2H 7T9, K2H 7V1, K2H 8P9, K2H 8S2, K2H 9R6, K2J 0P9, K2J 0R2, K2J 5B1, K2J 5M9, K2J 6A1, K2J 6B5
NepeanPO Boxes 11001 - 11129, 11131 ...K2H 7T8
NepeanPO Boxes 11451 - 11489, 11491 ...K2H 1C8
NepeanPO Boxes 5001 - 5017, 5019, 50...K2C 3H3
NepeanPO Boxes 5100 - 5150, 5152, 51...K2C 3H4
NepeanPO Boxes 5900 - 5903, 5905 - 5...K2C 3R1
North GowerPO BoxK0A 2T0
OrléansPO BoxK1E 0A4, K1E 3W4, K1W 0A6, K1W 0H6, K4A 0X6 (..), K4A 4W8
OsgoodePO Boxes 1 - 810K0A 2W0
OttawaPO BoxK1G 0E4, K1G 0G8, K1G 1A6, K1G 3H6, K1G 3J4 (..), K1G 3J9, K1G 3K2, K1G 3K5, K1G 3K6, K1G 3K7, K1G 3K9, K1G 3L3, K1G 3L4, K1G 3L5, K1G 3L7, K1G 3L9, K1G 3M1, K1G 3M9, K1G 3N1, K1G 3N6, K1G 3P1, K1G 3P3, K1G 3P9, K1G 3R2, K1G 3R3, K1G 3R5, K1G 3R6, K1G 3R7, K1G 3R8, K1G 3S3, K1G 3S4, K1G 3S5, K1G 3S8, K1G 3T1, K1G 3T2, K1G 3T8, K1G 3V6, K1G 3W8, K1G 3X1, K1G 3X2, K1G 3X3, K1G 3X4, K1G 3X5, K1G 3X6, K1G 3X7, K1G 3X9, K1G 3Y1, K1G 3Y2, K1G 3Y4, K1G 3Y5, K1G 3Z1, K1G 3Z3, K1G 3Z8, K1G 4A1, K1G 4A4, K1G 4A5, K1G 4A8, K1G 4A9, K1G 4B9, K1G 4E7, K1G 4E8, K1G 4E9, K1G 4G4, K1G 4G6, K1G 4H4, K1G 4H5, K1G 4K4, K1G 4K9, K1G 4L1, K1G 4X6, K1G 4X8, K1G 5H1, K1G 5H7, K1G 5L7, K1G 5L8, K1G 5L9, K1G 5M1, K1G 5N5, K1G 5R9, K1G 5S5, K1G 5T7, K1G 5W7, K1G 5Y9, K1G 5Z4, K1G 5Z7, K1G 5Z8, K1G 6A1, K1G 6B6, K1G 6C8, K1G 6E4, K1G 6E5, K1G 6E6, K1G 6G1, K1G 6G2, K1G 6G3, K1G 6G4, K1G 6G5, K1G 6H1, K1G 6H3, K1G 6H5, K1G 6K5, K1G 6K7, K1G 6K9, K1G 6L1, K1G 6L4, K1G 6L5, K1G 6L6, K1G 6L7, K1G 6M3, K1G 6M6, K1G 6M9, K1G 6P5, K1G 6R1, K1G 6R2, K1G 6R3, K1G 6R9, K1G 6S1, K1G 6S2, K1G 6S3, K1G 6S7, K1G 6S8, K1G 6T2, K1G 6T4, K1G 6T5, K1G 6T7, K1G 6T9, K1G 6V1, K1G 6V2, K1G 6V4, K1G 6V5, K1G 6V6, K1G 6V8, K1G 6V9, K1G 6W5, K1G 6W6, K1G 6W7, K1G 6W8, K1G 6W9, K1G 6X1, K1G 6X2, K1H 0A2, K1H 1A1, K1K 2V9, K1K 2W1, K1K 4L8, K1K 4P8, K1L 1A6, K1L 8C5, K1L 8E2, K1L 8E4, K1L 8M2, K1M 1W6, K1N 0B8, K1N 0C2, K1N 1A3, K1N 1B4, K1N 1H4, K1N 8T7, K1N 8V1, K1N 8V2, K1N 8V3, K1N 8V4, K1N 8Y4, K1N 9C1, K1N 9H1, K1N 9K6, K1N 9M4, K1N 9N5, K1N 9P4, K1P 0A9, K1P 0B1, K1P 0B3, K1P 0B9, K1P 0C1, K1P 0C2, K1P 0C3, K1P 0C4, K1P 0C5, K1P 1A1, K1P 1B1, K1P 1B8, K1P 1C3, K1P 1C4, K1P 1G1, K1P 1G6, K1P 1G9, K1P 1H5, K1P 1H6, K1P 1J4, K1P 1J5, K1P 1J7, K1P 1K2, K1P 1K4, K1P 1K7, K1P 1K8, K1P 1L3, K1P 1L4, K1P 1L6, K1P 1L7, K1P 5L6, K1P 5R2, K1P 5R3, K1P 5R4, K1P 5S1, K1P 5S2, K1P 5S7, K1P 5S9, K1P 5T1, K1P 5T2, K1P 5T4, K1P 5T6, K1P 5V2, K1P 5V8, K1P 5W1, K1P 5W4, K1P 5W7, K1P 5W9, K1P 5Y6, K1P 6C3, K1P 6C4, K1P 6C6, K1P 6G4, K1P 6H7, K1P 6H8, K1P 6K1, K1P 6M9, K1P 6N9, K1R 0B5, K1R 0B6, K1R 1A1, K1R 1A7, K1R 7Z1, K1S 1P7, K1S 3M1, K1S 3T2, K1S 4J2, K1S 5B1, K1S 5B2, K1S 5B3, K1S 5B4, K1S 5B5, K1S 5E4, K1S 5E9, K1S 5G2, K1S 5H1, K1S 5H9, K1S 5J1, K1S 5N1, K1S 5V2, K1T 0K9, K1T 0N3, K1V 0W2, K1V 1A3, K1V 2A5, K1V 2P8, K1V 2R1, K1V 2R2, K1V 2R3, K1V 2R6, K1Y 1E4, K1Y 3B9, K1Y 4E5, K1Y 4G3, K1Y 4H5, K1Y 4J3, K1Y 4J4, K1Y 4J5, K1Y 4J7, K1Y 4K6, K1Y 4M5, K1Y 4M8, K1Y 4P2, K1Y 4P3, K1Y 4V1, K1Y 4V2, K1Y 4V3, K1Z 0A9, K2A 1S2, K2A 1S4, K2A 1T2, K2A 1T4, K2A 2C3, K2A 3Y6, K2A 3Y7, K2A 3Z4, K2A 3Z5, K2A 3Z6, K2A 4C5, K2A 4E2, K2A 4E3, K2A 4E4, K2B 0A6, K2B 1A1, K2C 3G5, K2P 1C4, K2P 1C5, K2P 1G1, K2P 2M3, K2P 2P1
OttawaPO Boxes 1500 - 1502, 1504 - 1...K1P 5R5
OttawaPO Boxes 2001 - 2076, 2078 - 2...K1P 5W3
OttawaPO Boxes 2301 - 2329, 2331 - 2...K1P 5W5
OttawaPO Boxes 2450, 2451 - 2599K1P 5W6
OttawaPO Boxes 2751 - 2769, 2771 - 2...K1P 5W8
OttawaPO Boxes 2991 - 2998, 3000 - 3...K1P 6H6
OttawaPO Boxes 3353 - 3399, 3401 - 3...K1Y 4J6
OttawaPO Boxes 3412 - 3413, 3418 - 3...K1P 6L4
OttawaPO Boxes 3443, 3443K1P 6P4
OttawaPO Boxes 35001 - 35090, 35091 ...K1Z 1A2
OttawaPO Boxes 3518 - 3520, 3522 - 3...K1Y 4G1
OttawaPO Boxes 3673 - 3809, 3811 - 3...K1Y 4J8
OttawaPO Boxes 37001 - 37018, 37021 ...K1V 0W9
OttawaPO Boxes 38001 - 38120, 38121 ...K2C 3Y7
OttawaPO Boxes 40001 - 40090, 40091 ...K1V 0W8
OttawaPO Boxes 41001 - 41090, 41091 ...K1G 5K9
OttawaPO Boxes 421 - 424, 426, 428 -...K1N 8V5
OttawaPO Boxes 427, 427K1N 9N4
OttawaPO Boxes 4601 - 4612, 4614 - 4...K1S 5H8
OttawaPO Boxes 465, 465K1N 9N6
OttawaPO Boxes 501 - 559, 1431 - 149...K1P 5P6
OttawaPO Boxes 53001 - 53150, 53151 ...K1N 1C5
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The language code used in our dataset is "EF" i.e. English/French. The names of cities located in the english speaking regions are written in english. The names of cities located in the french speaking regions are written in french. These names are the official names in Canada.

Administrative levels:

Census divisions81
Regional districts29
Unitary Authorities9
Regional municipalities8
Régions administratives17
Municipalités régionales de comté102

Dataset content:

Administrative regions327
Places / Postcodes854 736
StreetsStreet+1 351 368
Business & admin.20 007

Codes reference:

ISO 3166-1-2
NGA Geopolitical codes
Hierarchical codes

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All countries

Last update:

Rev. CA / 12-07-2017
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