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United Kingdom \
Altrincham WA14, WA15
Astra Business Park M17
Bowdon WA14
Broadheath WA14
Carrington M31
Dunham Massey WA14
Dunham Town WA14
Firswood M16
Hale WA14, WA15
Hale Barns WA15
Manchester M17
Old Trafford M16
Partington M31
Sale M33
Stretford M32
The Trafford Centre M17
Timperley WA14, WA15
Trafford Park M17
Urmston M41
Warburton WA13
West Timperley WA14

Business & administrativePostcode
Altrincham250 Rio, PO Box 904WA15 5PE
AltrinchamA A L UK Ltd PO Box 452WA14 2WS
AltrinchamA K Z O Nobel Decorative Coati...WA15 5AH
AltrinchamAlpha Gas Lines Ltd, PO Box 89...WA15 5NW
AltrinchamAltrincham General HospitalWA14 1PE
AltrinchamAnderson Young Associates Ltd ...WA15 7WH
AltrinchamA R D L Real Estate Ltd PO Box...WA14 2XL
AltrinchamBathroons & Showers Ltd PO Box...WA15 5EL
AltrinchamBeaushion PO Box 881WA15 5NA
AltrinchamB P C Investments Ltd PO Box 8...WA15 5JT
AltrinchamBritish Israel Chamber Of Comm...WA15 7WD
AltrinchamBritish TelecomWA14 2AF
AltrinchamCedars Rest Home Ltd PO Box 65WA14 2FN
AltrinchamChameleon PO Box 445WA15 8WS
AltrinchamCharterhouse PO Box 723WA15 5BH
AltrinchamCheshire General Services Ltd ...WA14 5XF
AltrinchamCircuit Specialists PO Box 721WA15 5BF
AltrinchamCity Jewellers PO Box 25WA14 2FJ
AltrinchamClearview Dental Products PO B...WA14 5WH
AltrinchamC M A S Rents PO Box 776WA15 5EX
AltrinchamC N S Focus Ltd PO Box 892WA15 5NQ
AltrinchamColin Cook Coins PO Box 602WA14 5UN
AltrinchamCompensate You PO Box 718WA15 5BB
AltrinchamCosmographis Imaging LtdWA14 5DP
AltrinchamCresta Court HotelWA14 4DP
AltrinchamDanisco Pack PO Box 259WA14 5GH
AltrinchamDevaweb PO Box 875WA15 5LT
AltrinchamDiscount Stainless PO Box 306WA15 6GH
AltrinchamD R F PO Box 878WA15 5LX
AltrinchamEconomy Gas Ltd PO Box 232WA15 7FR
AltrinchamEventhall Family Charitable Tr...WA14 2ZT
AltrinchamExcel Law Ltd PO Box 625WA15 8ZF
AltrinchamFastrack Legal Services Ltd PO...WA15 9YS
AltrinchamFootballshoponline PO Box 837WA15 5HZ
AltrinchamGalaxy Optical Services Ltd PO...WA14 5XB
AltrinchamGalaxy Optical Services Ltd, P...WA15 5NX
AltrinchamGarston Entertainments Ltd PO ...WA15 5DY
AltrinchamG H Lucas & Co Ltd PO Box 754WA15 5DX
AltrinchamG M S PO Box 867WA15 5LH
AltrinchamHalifax plcWA14 1SE
AltrinchamHamilton King Management Ltd P...WA15 0GD
AltrinchamH F A Ltd PO Box 835WA15 5HX
AltrinchamH F Consulting Ltd PO Box 788WA15 5FP
AltrinchamHill & Co SolicitorsWA14 1QD
AltrinchamHollins Murray LtdWA14 1TJ
AltrinchamH S B CWA14 1BW
AltrinchamH Varley Ltd PO Box 85WA14 5TH
AltrinchamInter-Authority Counselling Sc...WA14 4WA
AltrinchamI P C Service PO Box 121WA15 8RA
AltrinchamIrish Tourist Board PO Box 189WA15 8GH
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Administrative levels:

Constituent countries4
Crown Dependencies3
Overseas Territories12
British Forces1
District Council areas26
Council areas32
Principal areas22
Metropolitan counties6
Shire counties27
Unitary Authorities56
London boroughs33
Metropolitan boroughs36
Non-metropolitan districts201

Dataset content:

Dependent territories15
Administrative regions453
Places / Postcodes1 622 605
StreetsStreet+2 145 632
Business & admin.114 049

Codes reference:

ISO 3166-1-2
European divisions
NGA Geopolitical codes
Hierarchical codes

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European Union
Western Europe
All countries

Last update:

Rev. GB / 18-09-2016

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