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Services to meet your business goals

Each client has different needs and business objectives. To fulfill your demands, GeoPostcodes provides a set of services that aims to improve the quality of your database. Within a couple of hours, we process your data and return them back to you cleaned and enriched. True to our reputation of being a quality-driven and affordable worldwide data-provider for more than 8 years, we have also set up an unbeatable pricing plan for small and medium-sized enteprises.

Address Cleansing

Correct your addresses using our worldwide referential database. Convert them into a standard format. Merge the duplicates.

Address Enrichment

Enrich your addresses with valuable additional data: administrative regions, statistical references (e.g. ISO), population, time zones, geocodes and elevation.


Convert your addresses into geographic coordinates in WGS 84 format which can be used in your daily business applications.

Reverse Geocoding

Convert your geographic coordinates into a human-readable address. Available on a street level or administrative divisions (GADB).

Distance Calculation

Calculate distances between locations based on geographic coordinates for places around the world by straight line or roads.

Segmentation by Polygons

Easily draw polygons on a map to segment your list of geocoded addresses. Export the addresses within your polygons.

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