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GeoPostcodes brings global location data to ArcGIS users

ESRI x GeoPostcodes

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Research commissioned by Monte Carlo in 2023 estimated that 31% of a company’s revenue is subjected to data quality issues. Data issues can take a team of data experts more than 4 hours to fix, adding to the losses that bad data can generate in an operating business.

To increase the quality and coverage of their address data, Esri BeLux has partnered with GeoPostcodes to bring accurate and up-to-date location data to their users.


What does this mean for ArcGIS users?

Location data is an increasingly valuable resource across many industries, from supply chain to retail and marketing.

With qualitative zip code data, ArcGIS users can perform various activities, including supply chain optimization, risk management, market and customer analysis, site analysis, and territory planning.

Simon Vandemoortele


GeoPostcodes is proud to partner with Esri to bring high-quality location data to Esri’s customers and partners. This partnership will enable them to deploy reliable location-dependent processes at a global scale.

The collaboration between Esri and GeoPostcodes provides ArcGIS users with various benefits. They get access to comprehensive global zip code data, including countries where granular data is harder to get such as China, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.


What kind of location data can you get?

GeoPostcodes is excited to partner with Esri BeLux and Esri Inc., allowing global companies to gain access to an accurate source of zip code data. This partnership will expose businesses to accurate and coherent data to help them improve their internal processes.


Stephane Deckers

Partner Manager at Esri BeLux

For decades, Esri BeLux has worked with companies of all sizes. Each of them has used data to achieve their mission. With GeoPostcodes as our new partner, we broaden our location data offer to ArcGIS users.

GeoPostcodes offers zip codes, cities, and administrative areas for 247 countries, available as 15.9M points and 739k boundaries. 

The postal dataset is fully geocoded, which means you get to display any of its components as points on your maps. 

The boundary data gives you the same component, with global coverage, as polygons in shapefiles. 

It covers administrative and zip code areas with up to 6 precision levels and follows a seamless hierarchical structure to accurately map the world at any scale.


About Esri BeLux and Esri software

Esri BeLux is the exclusive distributor of Esri Inc. software in Belgium & Luxemburg. Esri Inc. is the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping, helping customers unlock the full potential of data to improve operational and business results.

Esri software, including ArcGIS, is deployed in hundreds of thousands of organizations globally, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, nonprofit institutions, and universities. 

Esri has regional offices, international distributors, and partners providing local support in over 100 countries on six continents.


About GeoPostcodes

The most complete and accurate zip code database for companies with a global footprint. Our database is updated weekly and includes zip codes, cities, and administrative areas for 247 countries.

We have a team of GIS experts with 15 years of experience dedicated to each account, ensuring timely integration of our data in your ArcGIS environment and an accurate answer to all your location data questions.

124 Fortune 500 companies trust our location data, including IBM, DB Schenker, Ernst & Young, and Amazon.

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