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Multiple sources
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Keeping up with
constant changes

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Multiple languages
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Poor data quality


of addresses entered online contain mistakes
No standardization
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The world in numbers

We are GeoPostcodes

We provide global companies with accurate location data and a team of geodata experts so they can operate efficiently across countries.

Worldwide coverage

Get accurate and up-to-date address data, including street names, zip codes, cities, administrative areas and official address formats for each country.

247 countries in a standardized database

GeoPostcodes Worldwide Coverage Feature

Standardized data

Our data has a unified global structure. The file formats, column titles, attribute naming and data model are consistent across countries.

GeoPostcodes-Standardized data

Weekly updates

Our advanced data pipelines capture, clean, format, and integrate new data on a weekly basis.

GeoPostcodes-Weekly updates

Unique expertise

Our team has 15 years of experience in Enterprise geodata integration with an in-depth knowledge of each country's postal structure.

GeoPostcodes-Data team

Understanding of each country's specificities

Our team has in-depth knowledge of each country’s postal and administrative systems.

GeoPostcodes-Country specificities

Unmatched data quality

Our long-standing partnerships with national and international postal operators, such as USPS, guarantee the timely delivery of accurate information.

1,500 verified data sources

GeoPostcodes-Unmatched data quality

Multi-Language support

Our address formats cover all official address names in the official local languages, foreign names, English,  and transliterations into the Roman alphabet.

299 languages available

GeoPostcodes - Multi-language Support

The #1 global location data partner for
Enterprise and product-builders

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