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Our on-premise location data powers the most advanced address autocomplete solutions for enterprise
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What is address autocomplete?

Address autocomplete automatically suggests or completes address information in a form, reducing the risk of manual input errors.

  •   Deliver superior user experience
  •   Ensure data accuracy
  •   Increase conversion at checkout
  •   Prevent shipping problems
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Worldwide coverage

Get accurate and up-to-date address data, including street names, zip codes, cities, administrative areas and official address formats for each country.

247 countries in a standardized database

GeoPostcodes Worldwide Coverage Feature

Unmatched data quality

Our advanced data pipelines capture, clean, format, and integrate new data on a weekly basis.
Our long-standing partnerships with national and international postal operators, such as USPS, guarantee the timely delivery of accurate information.

1,500 verified data sources

GeoPostcodes-Unmatched data quality
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City Ranking

Rank cities and administrative areas according to their relative importance.
Our weighting algorithm considers more than 100 variables to enable filtering and prioritization of the address suggestion options.

Reduce address data entry time

Address validation at input for enterprises

Visualize how easy it can be with our data

Full customization

Improve your autocomplete experience with custom fields and company branding. Geofence addresses by country to offer relevant suggestions at input, capturing only necessary information.

Superior User Experience

GeoPostcodes-Full Customization

Multi-Language support

Our address formats cover all official address names in the official local languages, foreign names, English, and transliterations into the Roman alphabet.

299 languages available

GeoPostcodes - Multi-language Support

Location accuracy

Use our fully geocoded data to suggest addresses close to the user. Personalize forms based on the country's address format.
Get the right administrative areas thanks to our flawless administrative hierarchy, even in cases of ambiguity between cities and states.

Reduce input errors by 20%

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Why using on-premise data for address autocomplete?


Get our unique expertise to integrate our data into your address autofill

Our team has 15 years of experience in Enterprise integration with an in-depth knowledge of each country’s postal structure.

A dedicated expert ensures a timely implementation into your systems and an immediate answer to your questions.

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Use our data to increase quality, reduce costs and free up internal resources

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Highest quality

Enterprise Grade Service

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Sales & Marketing

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Our address autocomplete articles

Frequently Asked Questions

An address autocomplete is a functionality used in online forms and mapping applications to assist users in entering addresses in the right format.

When a user types an address in a form field or search bar, the autocomplete system suggests potential matching results based on relevance or proximity to the user’s location.

The address autocomplete functionality typically leverages a database or an API that contains a vast collection of valid addresses, postal codes, cities, states, and countries. As users begin typing in their address search, the system predicts and suggests potential matches based on the input provided, making it easier for users to select their valid address from the suggestions rather than manually entering the complete address. 

Choosing carefully your address autocomplete software is important. For instance, a a user inputs 185, Fift Avenue, although no residence exists with that number on the specified street – with only two existing apartments numbered 183 and 186 – many address autocomplete tools ignore these errors and proceed to fill in the remaining address details. 

Consequently, this oversight often results in unsuccessful or undelivered shipments.

The Address autocomplete validation process ensures that users receive suggestions as they type, and validate the correct address data to ensure it is real and accurate.

This validation process checks aspects such as:

  • Presence of typos or misspellings in street address
  • Existence of the address in a valid postal or mapping database
  • Formatting of the address being properly standardized to match postal standards

Address Autofill and Address Autocomplete are closely related concepts, but they have some data sourcing differences:

Address Autofill

Address Autofill typically refers to the automatic population of address fields in a form by filling in address details based on information the user has previously provided or saved in their profile. It doesn’t necessarily involve real-time suggestions or predictions as the user types. It is commonly used in e-commerce websites, online checkout processes, and address entry forms.

Address Autocomplete

Address Autocomplete provides real-time address suggestions based on the characters entered by the user. This can be especially useful when users are unsure of the exact address format or need to choose from multiple possible addresses. It helps reduce errors and improve the accuracy of address data entry.

These concepts are not the be confused with address verification which is ensuring an address is connected to the individual who provided it. An address verification software can be useful in this case.

One disadvantage of address autocomplete is the potential for privacy concerns. Here’s how address autocomplete can be a privacy issue:

  1. To provide address autocomplete functionality, many applications and websites may collect and store user input data, including the addresses users are typing or selecting.
  2. Address autocomplete may also have location-based functionality, which means it may have access to a user’s real-time location. This can be concerning for users who are wary of sharing their location with applications or websites.
  3. Some

    address autocomplete services may share user data with third-party entities, which can raise additional privacy concerns if users are not aware of or have not consented to such data sharing.

GeoPostcodes databases are 100% GDPR compliant, to ensure your location data follows all data regulations in force.


We can help you with address autocomplete service.

Address autocomplete is a valuable tool that enhances the user experience and improves data accuracy. Its ability to simplify the address entry process makes it a widely adopted feature in many online applications and services using address forms.

Some of the main benefits are:

  • Efficiency: Address autocomplete speeds up the process of entering information in address forms or applications, reducing the likelihood of misspelling, which can lead to delivery issues and cost increases.
  • Data Quality: By suggesting a correct address in real-time, address autocomplete helps reduce errors and inaccuracies.
  • Increased Conversions: It enhances the user experience by simplifying the address entry process. A smooth and efficient address entry process will lead to higher completion rates.
  • Standardization: Address autocomplete often enforces standardized formatting and conventions, ensuring that addresses adhere to postal or mapping standards.

Adding an address autocomplete feature to your system is a game changer. Check our blog to learn how to build an autocomplete address API free.

While both processes are important for address data collection, Address autocomplete and Address validation work on different stages of the data entry process:

  • Address autocomplete: Address autocomplete streamlines the data entry process by suggesting standardized format matches based on the address input of a user. While address autocomplete offers suggestions, it may not validate the accuracy of the entered address

  • Address validation: Address validation focuses on verifying and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the address captured by the autocomplete form (among other sources). It confirms that the provided address exists in a valid postal or mapping database and adheres to formatting and standardization rules. It is crucial for preventing address-related errors, such as typos or incomplete addresses, that can lead to delivery problems, returned mail, or inaccurate location data.