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Global Address Validation Service

Our on-premise location data powers the most advanced address verification solutions for enterprise backend and frontend systems.
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124 of the Fortune 500 companies use our address data
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Worldwide coverage

Get accurate and up-to-date address data, including street names, zip codes, cities, administrative areas and official address formats for each country.

247 countries in a standardized database

GeoPostcodes - Worldwide Coverage

Self-hosted data

Get our address data into your own IT infrastructure. No need to set up, audit, and maintain a connection to a third-party service.

Full control over security and latency

GeoPostcodes - Address Standardization

Unmatched data quality

Our advanced data pipelines capture, clean, format, and integrate new data on a weekly basis.

Our long-standing partnerships with national and international postal operators, such as USPS, guarantee the timely delivery of accurate information.

1,500 verified data sources

GeoPostcodes-Unmatched data quality

Accurate address verification for enterprises

Visualize how easy it can be with our data

Validate address at input

Build an address verification software using our dedicated features, such as city rankings, to deliver best-in-class user experience.

Multi-Language support

Our address formats cover all official address names in the official local languages, foreign names, English, and transliterations into the Roman alphabet.

299 languages available

GeoPostcodes - Multi-language Support

Unique expertise

Our team has 15 years of experience in Enterprise integration with an in-depth knowledge of each country's postal structure.

Reduce integration time by 30%



Why do address validation on-premise?


How to validate addresses with on-premise data?

A dedicated expert ensures a timely implementation into your systems and an immediate answer to your questions.

Check the requirements to build an address validation at input API in the backend with our article.

Read the tutorial →

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Use our data to increase quality, reduce costs
and free up internal resources

Plug and Play Design

Highest quality

Enterprise Grade Service

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Sales & Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process to ensure that the addresses captured by a form are accurate and complete.

It involves comparing the new address against a comprehensive and up-to-date database of valid addresses. This can be done in real-time (i.e., during online transactions) or integrated into backend systems to ensure that addresses are accurate before further processing.

Other vendors collect USPS information and resell it. The GeoPostcodes Postal database differs from that of USA data by the additional features and services, for instance, the multi-language support, the geocodes, and the time zone information.

Your address validation process can vary depending on your specific needs, the number of addresses, and your budget. Some common methods are:

  • Database Checks: Integrate an on-premise database like GeoPostcodes’ to perform periodical validation checks.
  • Postal Services: Validate one single address at a time. Not useful for batch verification.
  • Third-Party Services: Integrate address validation into your applications, websites, or databases through an API (Application Programming Interface).
  • User Input Validation: Validate shipping during the input process on your website or application.

The cost of an address validation software can vary widely depending on several factors like the accuracy, the added features, or the software integration. Some providers require pay-as-you-go pricing, whilst others require a yearly subscription or license fee.

Learn more about GeoPostcodes license prices here.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers address validation and correction services through the USPS Address Information API (Application Programming Interfaces). This paid API allows businesses to verify addresses and standardize addresses against USPS data.

By matching the provided billing ZIP code with the one associated with the card on file, merchants can reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Google provides some limited free usage of its address validation services. However, it’s important to note that there are usage limits associated with the free tier, and exceeding these limits will result in charges.

Address validation confirms that the addresses in a database are real and unified. It includes features like correcting input addresses or standardizing formats among registered addresses.

Alternatively, address verification goes one step further and ensures the address is connected to the individual who provided it. This can be done using address verification software. 

An address validation API is a software interface that allows developers to integrate address verification and validation capabilities into their applications, websites, or systems. The process requires the implementation of the API into a software or application.

A query is placed per address verified. The API returns a response to the application, indicating whether the address is valid, complete, and deliverable. The API may provide suggestions or corrections if there are any errors or issues with the address.


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