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Improving user experience

Rosa is a Belgian company shaping the future of healthcare. Rosa’s website helps patients locate health professionals when they enter city names or postal codes.

Based on the city’s coordinates selected, Rosa can provide a list of results of health professionals matching a patient’s request in Belgium.

Thanks to GeoPostcodes’ data, Rosa can:

  • Generate more accurate matches based on the city’s coordinates
  • Improve the user experience on their website

We talked to Antoine Pairet, Co-founder and CTO at Rosa, about how GeoPostcodes helps them provide patients with the user experience they deserve.

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Address autocomplete form on Rosa's home page


What was your main challenge regarding distance calculation?

ANTOINE: “Rosa is a mission-critical application. Health professionals and patients rely on us to manage their appointments. Our use case requires accurate data to match the patients to healthcare professionals within a given perimeter.”


How did GeoPostcodes help address this challenge?

ANTOINE: ”GeoPostcodes has proven its value by being the most accurate data provider we’ve worked with. Thanks to GeoPostcodes, Rosa can provide the user experience patients deserve. Cherry on the cake: our developers love it too!”


How did you confirm postal codes before GeoPostcodes?

ANTOINE: “Before GeoPostcodes, we used an undocumented source from the web. It created a lot of issues from a developer’s point of view and a product/user’s point of view. The quality of the data was poor: missing postcodes, bad translations, and coordinates. It was about time to up our game.”


 Rosa one pager banner



Which feature or service would you like to highlight? 

ANTOINE: “GeoPostcodes addresses the needs of our internal teams and users. Our developers value the quality and the ease of use of the data. Our users value its accuracy, its completeness, and its multi-language features. Working in a country with 3 official languages, GeoPostcodes helps us cover the needs of our patients who can input city names in English, French, or Dutch.”


Are there any other advantages to working with GeoPostcodes?


ANTOINE: “GeoPostcodes customer success is top-notch. Angela has helped us a lot through our integration process and has been quick to answer all our inquiries. She also ensures we get the most value out of their postal data.”


Using GeoPostcodes has enabled Rosa to offer their internal team and users better quality data and improved user experience in their search efforts.




The use of GeoPostcodes’ postal database with geo coordinates has enabled Rosa to improve the user experience of the patients in the address-matching process. The integrated multi-language feature allows their autocomplete form to offer address results in the three official languages.

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