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Guillaume Durand

My name is Guillaume Durand. My function at GeoPostcodes focused on the analysis of the challenges derived from aggregating spatial data at an international scale.

My studies include a Master’s in Geographic Information Science for Territorial Innovation from the University of Franche-Comté, France.

My goal is to use my development skills to create custom tools with open-source software like Linux, QGIS, or Geoserver.

I’ve been awarded the first prize in the Hackathon Citizens of Wallonia. My project focused on the delivery of light medical equipment via drone for Proximus. A mixture of data science, spatial analysis, and web mapping, which I’m currently developing together with the rest of my team.

I’ve participated in initiatives such as the M2 ADAUR and the publication of maps on the website of the Doubs Departmental Tourism Committee.

During my free time, I love traveling and taking part in insightful experiences such as hackathons, and geospatial conferences.

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