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China Zip Code Format

Chinese zip codes (邮编) typically consist of 6 digits. The first two digits indicate the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the central government. The third is the postal area, the fourth is the city and county, and the final two is the delivery region. For domestic use, the postal code 999077 has been assigned to Hong Kong and 999078 to Macao.



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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find China zip codes by using online postal code lookup tools, consulting official postal service websites, or using GeoPostcodes China zip code database.

While the majority of locations in China follow the standard 6-digit zip code format, there may be exceptions for special administrative regions or remote areas. It’s essential to verify specific zip codes for such regions through official sources or local authorities.

Yes, postal codes and zip codes refer to the same system in China. Both terms are commonly used to describe the numeric codes used for addressing purposes.

In China, the zip code, also known as the postal code, plays a vital role in facilitating mail delivery and geographic identification. The China zip code consists of a series of digital numbers that specify different postal districts within the country. Each postal district corresponds to a specific area, including major Chinese cities like Zhejiang Province and Hebei Province. The first digit of the zip code indicates the code area or region, while subsequent digits further narrow down the postal district. Additionally, understanding the country code, area code, and exit code for China is beneficial, especially when making international phone calls to China telephone numbers. Both zip codes and China phone number are part of the addressing system and are essential for communication. Post offices across China handle the distribution of mail and parcels, each serving its designated postal districts. Therefore, the precise address and zip code is crucial for successful delivery in China.