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Links between tables are made through record IDs, and constraints (e.g., uniqueness, foreign keys, etc.) ensure the integrity of the data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our database contains all administrative divisions, cities, and postal codes for 247 countries. Most of the world is covered. Countries include Canada, Italy, Singapore, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Greece, Thailand, Philippines, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil, and Costa Rica.

ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) codes are specific to the United States and are used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) for mail delivery. Other countries have their own postal code system, each with unique formats and naming conventions. For instance, the United Kingdom has postcodes, Canada uses postal codes, and Australia has postcodes as well.

The United States does not have a single countrywide ZIP code. Instead, ZIP codes are localized and designated to specific areas within the country. These codes help streamline mail sorting and delivery processes through the post office, providing a more efficient mail system.

The standard ZIP code in the United States consists of five digits, such as 90210 for Beverly Hills. These codes identify general geographic areas. The ZIP+4 postal zone numbers system, with an additional four digits, offers more precision, specifying particular buildings or delivery points.

Europe does not have a unified ZIP code system; instead, individual countries have their own postal code structures created by local postal services. For example, in the United Kingdom, postal codes are alphanumeric (e.g., SW1A 1AA), while in France, the so-called “code postal” are numeric (e.g., 75001 Paris). Each European country employs its post code own system to facilitate efficient mail delivery within its borders.