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World Administrative Boundaries

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World Administrative Boundaries - Data Download

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Postal and Administrative Areas for 247 Countries

Global boundary coverage even in difficult geographies such as China, the UK, Russia, or Brazil. Get up to 6 levels: A zip code layer and up to 5 administrative levels.

Coherence and precision at every level

An accurate mapping of the world at any scale. Our levels follow a seamless hierarchical structure starting from the most detailed layer to the broadest.
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Edge-matched polygons

Our proprietary data-mastering processes guarantee shape accuracy, featuring a topological model and a dedicated algorithm to establish spatial relationships.

  •  No gaps or overlaps
  •  No duplicate data thanks to mutualized edges
  •  Clean coastlines and borders


High-quality administrative boundaries and unique expertise

Highest quality

  • Edge-matched polygons
  • Precision at every level
  • Proprietary topological model

Unique expertise

  • Fast and agile implementation
  • Dedicated GIS Expert
  • 100+ successful integrations

World coverage

  • 247 countries
  • Difficult geographies
  • Up to 6 levels

GeoPostcodes-Boundaries rich attributes

Rich attributes

Our administrative boundaries data can be enriched with country-specific information, population, multi-language support, UNLOCODE, IATA codes, and time zones.

GeoPostcodes-High precision

High-precision for spatial analysis

Our high-resolution shapes are put together with up to 1-meter precision, making it perfect for in-depth spatial analysis, clustering, geofencing, and reverse geocoding.

GeoPostcodes-Simplified visualization

Fast-loading for reporting and BI

Get our lightweight, simplified, yet exhaustive format for a fast rendering. Our proprietary algorithm ensures all entities remain visible and perfectly connected after simplification.

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Interested in the full database? Ask for a quote.

Our pricing model depends on a few factors such as products, features, use case and country coverage.

Get in touch to receive an accurate pricing proposal.

Annual licenses are priced based on the number of countries needed, type of usage, products and the features (additional datasets).

Our licenses have a fixed price and include everything: comprehensive location data, unlimited updates, the right to use our data in all your systems or products, and continuous support from a dedicated expert.

Data is updated weekly, but you can decide on your own update frequency depending on your use case. You can get automatic differential updates and a list of historical ID changes by using our download API.

Frequently Asked Questions

An example of an administrative boundary is the line that separates the United States and Canada on a map. This boundary is established by legal regulations, determining which laws are applied on each side of the line.

Admin-0 boundaries are the broadest and most fundamental administrative units in a geospatial data hierarchy. They define a country’s borders, marking its sovereignty’s limits.

Accessing world administrative boundaries dataset files, particularly those provided by organizations like Statistics Canada or federal agencies, can be essential for cartographic purposes. These files typically represent various administrative divisions such as counties, territories, and cities. They are crucial for accurately mapping administrative boundaries, including disputed areas among member states. These datasets serve as a vital resource for researchers, policymakers, and cartographers to understand the geopolitical landscape and create accurate maps that reflect the administrative divisions across the world.

Accessing county administrative boundaries is crucial for various purposes, such as urban planning and resource allocation. Datasets offering access to county boundaries are valuable resources for researchers and policymakers. These datasets often include detailed cartographic representations of county divisions within a region, allowing users to accurately map and analyze demographic and geographical data. Geopostcodes may provide such datasets, enabling users to access and utilize county boundary information for their specific needs.