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Lucien Chemaly

I’m Lucien Chemaly, a Lead Software Engineer.

With more than 9 years of experience as a software engineer and technical lead, I have developed expertise in analyzing and modeling various data sources (acoustic, telecom, health, and postal data) and leading data projects.

I was in charge of building SCADA platforms, SaaS solutions for the United Nations (WFP), and migrating old structures (monolithic applications) to the latest architecture (eg, microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD).

I’m also the co-founder and builder of Dentiflow, a SaaS platform for dentists.

I hold a Master’s and Engineering Degree in IT and Telecommunications from the University of Rennes, France.

During my free time, I teach seasonal courses for engineering students at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut and have been involved in programming training for private companies.

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