The most comprehensive postal database in the world

Complete, accurate and always up-to-date

124 of the Fortune 500 rely on our international postal code databases

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Worldwide Postal Database

A truly global data set containing all administrative divisions, cities and postal codes for 247 countries.

Boundaries database

A global data set of polygons representing postal codes and administrative areas.

Streets Database

International data set with all administrative areas, localities, streets, and relevant zip codes.

All postal code
data you need

All postal code data you need

Since 2009, we’ve mapped the world postal codes so you don’t have to.

Years of accumulated insights have helped us to develop our unified, proprietary database containing the most extensive postal data set worldwide.

It comes with advanced features, including support for multilingual and cross-cultural operations.

All data are fully georeferenced, available in normalized and denormalized formats, and easy to import into any software, database or GIS system for maximum interoperability.

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“Data can change over time. It’s good to know that our partner is keeping an eye on these changes and will always provide us with the very updated information to work with.”
William chao picture
William Chao
Product Owner, Geographic Information Services

Why work with us?

Enterprise-grade Service

  • 100+ successful integrations
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • On-premise data

Plug and Play Design

  • Standardized and unified data structure
  • Dedicated datasets per use case
  • Reduce integration time and cost by 30%

Highest quality

  • Weekly updates
  • 247 countries
  • Fully geocoded

Tackling geodata complexity to solve enterprise use cases

Whether you aim to improve your master data quality, integrate global address validation into your systems or build location-aware products, you will face the challenge of obtaining quality location master data at a global level.

Your teams are likely to spend weeks finding local providers, stitching together various data set file formats, fixing data structure and data quality issues, all while dealing with a plethora of languages and alphabet encodings. GeoPostcodes untangles the complexity, allowing your teams to focus on their core business.

Accelerate your projects
through dedicated integration

We take full care of the location data quality aspect of your project. This helps your team to focus on what matters most: executing on your use case. Our team has been helping enterprise customers with their ERP integrations, master data management projects, address validation and custom product development since 2009. We leverage this experience to help you meet your deadlines in a cost-effective manner.


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